Breimachine Naar Eigen Hand

Naar Eigen Hand

Modern knitting machines work fast and efficiently. Eva is fascinated by the working technique of the automatic machines but believes it is missing the personal touch of traditional crafts.

To create more involvement in the making process, she transformed the automatic machine into a human-driven device. By enlarging the working elements, the technique that is usually hidden becomes visible.

Teamwork is required to let the wooden machine work. Knitwear with various patterns can be created by pushing the handles back and forth while guiding the united threads.

"Tien veelbelovende designstudenten"

Moderne breimachines zijn slim en efficiënt, maar missen het persoonlijke rafelrandje van het traditionele ambacht. Daarom vormde Eva Jagerman, tegen de digitale trend in, een geautomatiseerde machine om tot een handmatig apparaat. (...) Teamwork is vereist om de hendels en de vijftien houten klossen van het apparaat in de haken te leiden.
Financieel Dagblad

City Nomad als picnickleed

City Nomad

To adhere to the nomadic culture that De Parade represents during the Covid-19 pandemic, the City Nomad is a multifunctional blanket that can be used as a tarp, hammock, poncho, pillow, as well as a bag. This tool creates a space for the visitor to experience the nomadic feeling at the festival and doubles as a measurement tool to maintain a safe 1,5m distance from other visitors.

"Slimme design-oplossingen voor 1,5-meterfestival De Parade in Eindhoven"

Jagerman, werkend in Teuge, Gelderland, werd getriggerd door het rondreizende aspect van het theaterfestival: ,,Dat vind ik interessant, als een soort community touren en op verschillende plekken uitvoeringen doen. Ik ben onderzoek gaan doen naar nomadische groeperingen, uit oudere culturen ook; heb gekeken hoe zij leven en werken en hoe dat rondreizen precies eraan toeging."
Eindhovens Dagblad

The City Nomad is for sale on the webshop of De Parade.

Living - Kleed voor inwoners Almada


Walking in the old center of Almada, I noticed deprecated houses. Inhabitants invited me into their house, that had been left abandoned for a long time. Conversations revealed that affordable housing is not accessible for everyone. As a gesture to the stories that were shared and the hospitality I received, I visualized my experience into a blanket, which carries their collective story.

Living - Kleed voor inwoners Almada


'Orange' is an experiment aiming to create a textile material with an as-clean-as-possible production method, using only natural materials. Dried orange peels, a leftover material from freshly pressed juices, make a leather-like material that releases a zesty smell and gives off a bright yellow glow.